what a weekend: cocorosie show

What a weekend folks! I guess you can see it in the pics! So much great food, awesome people, quite a few drinks, love and I got to see Cocorosie on stage.They were unbelievable! 2,5 hours live performance and a DJ set afterwards and I still couldn't get enough. I was just wondering how the band are going to still be alive after the show, but we met them in our local pub past midnight and they all were smiling and dancing with no signs of exhaustion on their faces! I'm so inspired!

Also, the beautiful Abi Wade was sponsoring the band and it was a nice intro to the evening. This girl is beyond amazing and you should check her out on youtube if you haven't yet.

Other than that- we are still in the process of looking for furniture and creating our love nest. The boy got himself 2 new turntables, so our home are going to be full of music, I guess. I now only need some girly stuff for the bedroom and we are good to go. I can't wait to share some bits+pieces from our place with you all! 

I'm currently writing a bunch of ideas in my little book for this blog of mine and I'm also working on new design. I am going to move to self-hosted site pretty soon, so if there are any technical issues you may encounter- don't get too scared.

I'm absolutely excited about having the kitchen to myself finally and I believe I'm gonna have a little place on this blog for some of my recipes, I've been cooking something special almost everyday now, but I always forget to take pictures of the whole process, but I promise to be better since now on!

We also had a cinema night yesterday and watched Moonrise Kingdom on our projector. Such a great movie, an absolute treat! 

Don't forget to enjoy this last day of September. talk to you soon.

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