Autumn/Winter Wishlist

Autumn/Winter Wishlist

I know that the cold whether alreadt kicked in almost everywhere, but I still been rocking my trainers and last-season jumpers and fighting the fact that November is coming in 2 days! This probably means that some of my time should be dedicated for walking around the shops and looking for something warm and cozy to wear in this cold whether. 

So that's why, I tried to prepare upfront and think about a few necessities that I would really need and this what I came up with:
 • Crop Jumper- these are my absolute favourites for cold whether- they keep you warm, but go well with a lot of stuff- high waisted jeans/shorts/skirts and are not too chunky. This beauty is from Topshop and is definitely going to my list!

• Mom style jeans- I actually already got a pair of these just in grey and been wearing them a lot lately! I hope it's not the fact that I'm getting old (haha), but I was surprised by how comfy they are and skinny jeans just feels weird now... but as they say- beauty requires victims. Anyway, the thing I love about Mom style jeans, that you can wear them in both- casual and more classy styles. I'm not really lady like, so I decided to match mine with a pair of New Balance, a beanie and a biker style coat. What do you think? Pretty cool mom I believe!

I don't know about you guys, but for me winter is all about romance and I couldn't live without a pair of boots and black coat. I can obviously see myself wearing this outfit while having a walk around Hyde Park and enjoying some mulled wine!

A pair of classy black jeans is also an absolute 'must-have'. I fell in love with these J Brand jeans straight away and you guys should too! Check out some more styles over >>>HERE<<< . I got literally obsessed with styling them as they go so well with everything. I finally decided to throw in this gorgeous Michael Kors bag and an amazing knit sweater from Theory. Don't forget a nice and cozy knitted scarf and you're good to go!

I got kind a similar satchel  from TopShop a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't be happier about my decision. I take it with me to uni mostly and it's just perfect fit for my macbook and a book or two that I have to carry with me at all times. The best thing about it that it's pretty easy to style. Just wear your favourite black coat, chelsea boots, a pair of jeans  and some cozy fluffy jumper and you will be rocking this season in no time!
Are you guys also making wishlists for the cold season? What are your absolute must-haves? Share your thoughts with me in the comments! 
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