Cozy Pumpkin Soup

Are you guys excited about helloween? I am!!! I'm not too much into dressing-up and etc, but I enjoy having cheeky drinks on Thursday, haha.
So for the morning after party or if you want to give those nice pumpkins a good use during the weekend- make this cozy pumpkin soup. It's so easy to prepare and your friends or family will be amazed!

You'll need:
•1 small pumpkin
•2 potatoes
•1 onion + 2 cloves of garlic + a small piece of fresh ginger
•2 carrots
•Some fresh parsley
•Some turmeric + curry powder
• 2-3 bay leafs
•Some vegetable stock

How to prepare:
•fry onion in the pan until golden and then add some turmeric+curry and fry for a little bit longer. add this to the hot water in the pot
•chop veggies into pieces (except parsley) and add them to the pot.
• and will up the pot with some vegetable stock.
•add boil leafs and boil until veggies become soft then add fresh chopped parsley and leave it for another 7 minutes.
• turn off the heat and let it chill for a bit. take out the bay leafs. then blend the soup with your blender and boil it again for a couple of minutes.

And this is it you should be good to go! Serve with some asparagus and some toasted bread!
Have a great helloween folks!
Eat, drink and be scary.


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