Our reborn bar cart

Happy thursday, y'all! So the week is almost over and it's just about the time to relax a little. Make yourself your favourite cocktail and have a cozy evening with some good movie and some nice company. That's what we're going to do for sure! 

But I'm not here to talk about that actually! As promised, I'm going to have some weekly posts with a bits+pieces from our home and today I want to share my favourite fun-corner we have here- our little bar cart!
We found this beautiful cart hidden in the corner of our old kitchen. We used to use it for all the plastic bags, old cleaning products and basically all the things we don't actually use. So while rearranging the kitchen I discovered that this trashy cart of ours actually has some nice vibe and there were no doubts that we are going to use it in our living room. At first I was planning to colour and restyle it a little, but just a good cleaning was enough to make it look all fine.

The boy started to collect drinks just a couple of months ago and they usually go really quickly in our home as there is always someone visiting us, but now we just got a habit to get  a bottle or two every time we find a good deal, so we usually well stocked. He is a big straight-whiskey fan and I usually go with some mixers, but we never say 'no' to some random experiments. I also got a nice cocktail making kit in our local antique shop that's been really useful.

This is how it looks for now. We are keeping our beloved turntable on top, but this is probably just a temporary place as the cart is a little too small for it. We might actually leave it for drinks only and include a section for some soft drinks/bitters, so we are always ready for some unexpected guests!
I'm also collecting some random glassware that I could place on this cart, so my daily visits in Brighton's antique shops are nowhere near to the end...
Thanks for taking a peek at my new cocktail cart! Please feel free to leave tips, suggestions and recipes in the comments. I'm really excited to try new things. xoxo. Kotryna

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