RIce noodles with Pengasium fillet and Pack Choi

I've always been pretty much obsessed with Asian kitchen and if I'm being lazy- all those little Chineese or Thai places are my first choice for a quick take-out or random date night. But lately, I've been experimenting in the kitchen myself a lot. I bought this Wagamama cookbook and got really inspired by the Japeneese cuisine. The thing you gotta know about me tho- I'm really bad in following the recipes. I mean terrible. Usually I just mix a couple of ideas together and come up with something completely weird, but that's how from time to time I get lucky!

So today I'm sharing one of my made-up recipes "Rice noodles with Pengasium fillet & Pak Choi" that I cooked yesterday for the cozy Friday dinner. Feel free to experiment!

You'll need:
•a pack of rice noodles (the more the merrier)

•2 frozen or fresh Pengasius fillets ( I think any fish or prawns would work tho)

•some fresh ginger

•1-2 cloves of garlic (depends on how much you love garlic taste in your food)

•1 small red onion

•1 smal Pak Choi

•a handful of bean sprouts

•some olive oil, soya sauce, oyster sauce and sesame oil

•salt + coriander powder +chilli flakes

How to prepare:

•prepare the fish: cut into pieces and fry in olive oil for about 10mins. then add salt + chilli flakes, mixed it up, cover and leave for stewing on a low heat.

•prepare the noodles: take a mixing bowl and sink the noodles in the hot water for about 10mins then dry them and sprinkle with some coriander powder.

•prepare the rest: chop garlic and ginger root, cut the onion and Pak Choi into slices and wash some bean sprouts.

•take your Wok, preheat some olive oil and fry ginger with garlic until golden. then add onions and fry for about a minute. quickly add Pak Choi, bean sprouts and fish, mix everything up and fry for another minute constantly mixing. then finally add the noodles, mix everything again and pour half a glass of water.

•add some soya sauce (4 large spoons), oyster sauce (2 large spoons) and sesame oil (1 spoon), mix everything again and stew everything until you feel that it's ready (nice directions, huh?)

•Serve with a slice of lemon and a glass (or two) of white wine.

And this is it you should be good to go! I love soya sauce so I actually always end up pouring half of the bottle into my meals, but you don't have to follow my stupid habits. 

Hope you're having a great weekend, folks. Let me know if you try this!

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