Happy List November edition

happy friday, friends! let's share some happiness, huh?

things that make me happy these days:

• work progress: I have done so much this past week! all of my orders are being done or progressed which is amazing and I finally have some free time to work on my personal projects.

• getting so much love from my readers

• black friday deals- I feel like a hunter! have you guys found anything good? let me know!

• my aims to get back to taking proper pictures again. I've been so lazy for the last few years and I believe that iphone really ruined me- it is so easy to leave your DSLR behind when your phone is always with you.

• phone chats with my mom. she is the best women on earth.

• upcoming trip to Sardinia. we are leaving next Friday and I just can't wait for it. we rented a lovely room in Cagliari's old town and I bet it's gonna be just a perfect weekend getaway before the Christmas madness.

• re-watching old movies

• finding time for reading

• weekend!!!

Now it’s your turn to tell me and others what makes you happy! 
Share your posts with me in the comments :)


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