Life Lately: days in Instagram

 Hey guys! Hope you're having a great week so far!

I'm busybusy down here, but everything is under control which means I might take a long weekend off! fingers crossed!
Oh and winter is already here, we even saw some frost yesterday night! I'm so excited! Is it weird to buy a Christmas tree already?

So today I'm gonna share some bits+pieces from my daily life with you all. I love to let pictures talk for themselves, so I'm not gonna get too chatty here.
According to my instagram, I have spent most of my time indoors this last week, but it was pretty fun. I even made sushi for the first time in my life and nobody died! yay to me!
 This is how my usual working week looks like- my days in front of my laptop working on some new projects and my evenings next to the fire place with some mulled wine! and that's why I absolutely adore winter time- no one judges you for staying in and drinking a bit more than usual, haha.
The sad news here are that we finished all series of Breaking Bad the other day and I'm still so impressed. It's definitely in my all-times-favourite list! any suggestions on what to watch next? I need another little addiction for this winter season.
I am absolutely enjoying myself and I hope you guys do too, for the most recent updates, make sure to follow me on instagram >>>HERE<<<
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