Prints from Society6: creating a place called 'home'

"The Voyage" by Danny Haas

Happy Weekend y'all! Hope you're having a blast! We are having a lazy day here crafting around the house. A few days ago we finally managed to hang the print we got from Society6 and I just love every single one of them. In general, I am a huge prints lover and if I could- I would have hundreds and hundreds of them.

We picked two moon related prints for the living room and the beautiful sea print for the bedroom and I still look at them intensively everyday amazed by their beauty! Sadly I couldn't take a proper picture to show what a great quality these babies have and how bright the colours are, but you can see the originals if you press on the links under the pictures. oh and society6 were super fast in delivering these, it only took about 2 weeks for them to reach our home from the USA.
"Two Moon" by RK
"The ocean, the sea, the wave" by Budi Satria Kwan.

I am really excited to see how we are finally putting all the things together and I can feel like I actually have a place to call home. Of course there are still a lot of bits+pieces we have to work on, but I bet we will be finished before Christmas. Oh my, it's that time of year already! I heard my beautiful home country is already covered in snow! It's still pretty warm and sunny here in Brighton, but I can feel the winter coming and I actually really missed it! After all it's a mulled wine season, what's not to love?


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