Weekend treasures: London edition

happy monday, friends! hope you had a great weekend! 

the boy had a rehearsal in London on Saturday, so we took a train there on Friday night. it was nice to be back and wander around the area we used to live. North London is just magical and I can't even try to describe how cozy it is, especially in the autumn. At some point I even imagined living here again. Taking walks in the parks and chilling in those cozy coffee shops, but I think I'm just feeling nostalgic, remembering those irresponsible days in London. and also- it's not possible to exchange Brighton to anything else!

 anyways, just have a look to some bits + pieces from our weekend:

 I also visited Emperior bakery again! If you guys are ever around the Hamsptead Heath area- give it a go, you won't be disappointed!

making silly faces and taking selfies while waiting for your tube- check!

how awesome are these random pianos in St. Pancras station?

I should take some more pictures next time, I'm so bad at this!

Back in Brighton, I spent nearly all of my Sunday in the library, preparing for the classes and writing my essay, but coming home to this made it all worth it:

that pal of mine nows exactly what to do to cheer me up!

and how was your weekend guys? anything exciting? share!


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