Where to eat in Brighton: Pronto In Tavola

During my 3 years in Brighton I changed 4 flats and lived in different neighbourhoods. At the moment me and the boy are happy residents in a lovely flat by the seaside in Hove which is still very central, but also pretty quiet and cozy. It's just been one year since we first moved in here and it's our longest tenancy ever. Living in one place not only lets you finally feel like you have home, but also creates a magical feeling about the area you live in. It might be just my crazy head, but I just love being 'regular' in some places. You know, when you go to the pub and the bartender knows what you're going to order? When the cashier smiles at you on a Saturday morning and you can see that she remembers selling a bottle of whiskey to you the night before? or when you just find that perfect local take away spot that you could eat from every single day and do not get bored of it?..

..and we actually managed to find that magical place for us! 

So anyone living around Waterloo Street or planning to visit Brighton- should now take their notebooks and write down a name of this place. "Pronto in Tavola" is the best pizzeria in the area and well... you jus have to give it a try to see what I am talking about. The food there is lovely and they have a cozy sitting area where you can also enjoy a bottle of wine and feel like you're actually in Italy for the evening. The people working there are the most friendly creatures and real professionals, they are always pleasant with special orders and they will always welcome you with smile on the face and a charming 'Ciao!'.

Along with pizza, Pronto In Tavola also offers some classic Italian dishes like homemade gnocchi, pasta, stuffed aubergines, grilled sausages, Cannoli and , of course, lasagnes! 

I absolutely adore the base of their pizzas- it's light, chewy and yet very airy and it just goes perfectly wit all the fresh toppings you might choose. My favourites so far are: Primavera (£8) and Medditarraneo (£9) and I would highly recommend both of them! I haven't actually tried other food apart from pizzas yet, but I will definitely planning to!
Do you have your favourite local spot? What makes it special? Share! :)
Talk to you soon.

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