Winter Wishlist: Clarks Boots + Wedges

Hey there, friends! So the winter kicked in properly here in Brighton and I've been looking around the shops lately, trying to find something nice, yet still cozy to wear this season. So I came up with a few outfits that I will definitely be rocking this winter:

• I absolutely love this one, because it's so simple, yet classy. I'm in desperate search of a proper black coat and this beauty from Harrods is just a spot on for me. Maybe just a bit over my budget! ech... However, it goes just perfectly with these black comfy Clarks Wedges. Let's be honest- no-one is enjoying wearing high-heels when it's snowing outside and you're risking to break your leg with every single step! I always found wedges to be a perfect solution for the winter season, you can still wear girly clothes and dress-up without a need of suffering, haha!

• Carhartt beanie is definitely on the top of my shopping list and this deep navy blue is just a perfect one! Just look how nicely it goes with this simple outfit of bright clothes and suede wedges! I love sunny days in winter and I hate wearing all black then, so this set is just made for drinking hot choco on the beach!

• I'm a little bit obsessed with tartan this season. I think everybody is! I absolutely adore how it manages to brighten up all my outfits. I'm a bit of a black/brown colour lover and really bright colours never fitted me. I always wanted to wear some more reds and greens and this new tartan wave is helping me a lot, haha. I'm also thinking to buy a fur coat this winter. We are heading to Austria in January and I bet it would be really useful there!
Oh and can you even imagine your winter without a perfect pair of black boots? Well I can't! These beauties from Clarks are absolutely rocking my world. Don't you think so?

Let me know which item is your favourite or share your winter picks with me!


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